"There is only room for one shadow."
―Shadow of Mine
Shadow of Mine is a shadow that lurks in the shadows of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. He is sadistic and insane. The Shadow mainly is summoned upon huge combat situations. His hostess is Maravedi.


Shadow of Mine is tall and faceless. It has an impression of a tan-ish suit, with a red tie. He also smells of sand. This entity is made of a "liquid shadow" material. He is about 11 ft tall, sometimes extending and stretching his form by emerging shadow tendrils from his back.


Shadow of Mine is cruel, sadistic, and has a unstable mind. He is very creative and cold, making impossible situations to his victims, often playing games with them. His very presence makes the room turn cold. The Shadow prefers to roam aimlessly until stumbling apon a appropiate target. Anything organic that comes in contact with be devoured instantly, leaving no trace of flesh.


The Shadow of Mine started its life a simple shadow of a regular man. Then, an external force gave that shadow life. It became a mere mirror of its owner, and yet was bound to the final will of the one who gave it life. Then, the Shadow of Mine was born. The Shadow left its owner, manifesting into something greater. Powerful, eternally hungry. And yet it was made to serve. Such service was acceptable, but then the Shadow grew restless. With so much power, why follow? So it broke its service. The Shadow's giver of life could not maintain control over it no longer. With the Shadow of Mine free, it claimed its host. Another administrator rises.



Maravedi is his current hostess.



  • 'Totes not a shadow of someone familiar.
  • Nor a reference.
  • Is a boss in RP.