Sharder is one out of the main 5 robotic characters in Shadow Entertainment.

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He knows you're there...

Character Bio

Just like the other 4 characters, he gained sentience one day and had no clue how he got there. He, for some reason, he gained a fascination for building. That's what he practically does for purpose in the world.


He has the design to look like a moose, having the brown color and antlers. He wears a green cap like his previous design. He has a round body while having the obvious brown eyes, as well as having saws for hands.


Sharder acts like your next door neighbor. However, he can be awkward and a bit shy at times. He would stutter in his words when all of the attention is towards him. Despite that, he still won't hesitate to either kill the guard or listen to Bracer's orders.

Like earlier, he loves to build things. Chairs, tables, buildings. Anything you can imagine, Sharder is there to build it. No one knows where he got those tools, but news about a robbed house rings a bell.



Bracer treats him like a guard or at least, a friend. Due to Bracer's overworking nature, Sharder has free time to do what he wants. At least Bracer will show up when ever he needs him, that is if it's only an emergency.


These two kind of mix. Drillbit's smartness combined with Sharder's building techniques makes an amazing base anywhere. These two are sometimes seem together, planning a new base or that the vending machine has stopped working.


Obviously, she treats Sharder with kindness. These two get along with ease as well as having one objective, get Bracer to take a break. That can prove difficult as Bracer has heavily armored elements guarding his room. It worries both of them.


Sharder does hang out with him, but with difficulty. Slicer would sometimes do things or talk too fast for Sharder. However, when it comes to killing the guard or humans in general, Slicer always lets Sharder lead the charge.


Sharder makes the most appearances in all 7 games as himself, easter eggs, or cameos.

Sharder is one of Shadowboy192's favorite character, to which Sharder says "Thank you"

He is the only one to have a connected friendship with Bracer, albeit very strained.

He knows you're there....

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