Considering there are lots of diaries, I decided to put one of my own up.

This one is Sheca's, and this is her "day-by-day book".


The first day was pretty interesting. Lots to do, but not much spare time. It's not bad, of course not. Just been finding it curiously interesting. So I ended up meeting a bunch of new people I haven't met before, and most of them are really nice! Balloon Lass, for a human, she's pretty sweet. She's just a bit too far on the sane side, you know? Anyway, I also encountered Springtrap.. Eh, I don't like him. For a reason I don't know, he hit me straight in the face.. It hurt. Of course it did, and then he walked off. I have recovered now, but that still hurt. I better take notice that Springtrap is an absolute cold-hearted person for me at least. Sorry for those who like him, but in a face to face situation, it's not the best thing. You know, it takes a few more bolts and wires to get used to his punches for sure. But that'll probably never happen, knowing my luck.


May this day be good! Ho ho! Puns aside, today was a blast. Had a few minutes around with Splatrix and Foxy. They got a bit snappy, but they seemed to get on extremely well. Soon we met Toy Freddy and BB together. Toy Freddy seemed pretty busy, so I asked him what is wrong. He replied, in these exact words, "Sheca, you have no need to worry about me. I'm as fine as a fresh, new soft toy straight off the shop shelves", and walked off. What a softy. BB is still his usual self, but has been doing really... Crazy things. You know BB is himself everytime, and being crazy is his best abtribute.  I heard he has a crush on that Balloon Girl thingy that's been going around. So, me, being interested, asked Balloon Lass about if she was in the same "family" as the other balloon sellers of Freddy's. She said no, as I remembered; she's a human! Gah, silly Sheca, get yourself together! Anyway, it was amazing, I'm looking forward to the future days.


OH MY GOSH IT'S BEEN SO LONG! It was a bit boring today anyway.. I really want to escape my suit.. The others try to help, but there's too many parts around my shell.. Looks like I'll be in here for a few weeks. Maybe even more months. Hooray.

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