Shocktrap or Cheesy the Rabbit is a male antagonist animatronic rabbit that was a part of the Ride of Fright Attraction at the Haunted Amusement Park, along with Jazz the Fox, and Chuck the Rat. Like his friends Shocktrap experienced harsh treatment, but, like Chuck the Rat, he wasn't in as bad condition as Jazz the Fox.

Appearance & Color

Shocktrap is a cheese yellow rabbit, with two buck teeth, ears that stand straight up, and his eyes are brown. His stomach is a darker yellow, so are the pads on his hands and under his feet, also inside his ears. Because of his current condition, Shocktrap's fur is sewed together and parts of him are missing. He has a small, roundish rabbit tail.


Shocktrap is more kind and gentle then his friends, but that doesn't mean he'll spare anyone if his friends are being threatened. Shocktrap has a tendency to electrocute if touched by water.


Early Life

Before arriving at the horror attraction, Shocktrap (then known as a human named Paul Brandski) was looking for a job to provide for his family. He then found a job at Fredbear's Diner, where he worked alongside Purple Man, who dragged him down a dark path that led to Fredbear's phantom killing both his sons. Over grieved and blaming Purple Man and Phantom Fredbear and himself for their deaths, Paul left the diner. A couple of years after his sons passing, and the closing of Fredbear's Diner Paul got a job at Freddy's Pizzeria. While there, during his first night, he encountered Purple Man, who dragged him into a dark room and placed him in the shock-suit, and because of Paul's perspiration, Paul was electrocuted to death, leading to him becoming Shock-trap.


A couple of weeks after these events, Shocktrap was found by an employee who placed it as an animatronic in the band. Unfortunately, because of "glitches" and strange behavior with the animatronic, Shocktrap was sent back to the factory, and much later, was sent alongside Chuck the Rat to take part in the Ride of Fright Attraction at the Haunted Amusement Park.


Jazz the Fox

Chuck the Rat

Crusoe the Puppet (Grey Puppet) (doesn't trust him)

Dorothy the Doll

Jolttrap (plush counterpart of Shocktrap)

Metal Spectre (ally)



The Factory Animatronics

Freddy's Pizzeria (FNAF 2)


Freddy Fazbear & Friends


  • Shocktrap is the only known animatronic alongside his friends who has human behavior.
  • Shocktrap is called Shocktrap because he is an animatronic suit that shocks its wearer if used outside after it rains or when it gets wet.
  • He is the only animatronic that was once human.

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