Crystal Morrow has made this OC so that she can create a page listing the details of her OC.(note: there are 2 characters so they may count as 2 but they are suppose to be one.)

Name: Shoutmon the gamer and Gumdramon the scary one

Appearence: They both have different designs but are similar for being robots/animatronics, and they stay at Shoutmon's cove but Shoutmon is mostly Red and Gumdramon has a red vest and has purple fur and white fur. Shoutmon has a V on his head and has his microphone along with a hook as well as a eyepatch and he has his headphones from the show but are torn apart a little bit. Gumdramon though is perfectly intact as well as have the same eye color he has on the show. Shoutmon also has the same eye color as well as bloody red pupils.

Hobbies: their hobbies are in their names. so Shoutmon's hobby is video games and Gumdramon's is watching scary stuff and playing scary stuff.

Lives: They live in Greymon's Pizzeria (made it to where the first game takes place hint hint.) and are friends with the others except Shoutmon doesn't like anyone and Gumdramon likes everyone.

Personiltys: Shoutmon is kind and nice but can get violen and Gumdramon is more laid back and very murderous and tries to be creepy.

In game behavior (yes they will be in the game.): they take turns moving in Shoutmon's cove however you must deal with them differently. You need to shut the door for Shoutmon and you need to use the camera to shut the door in Shoutmon's cove to deal with Gumdramon.

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