Shredcut is a hybird mix of all the CC's members, created by Mitchell Cutter during Cutting Crew: Deuce Ex Machina. Due to it's large size and many parts, a list below provides the parts in its appearance.


The being is also very tall, being almost 10 feet, with a very muscular figure.


Shredcut, created along with another 'Titan' animatronic, was created in a project by Mitch to make a powerful animatronic that can lead the way into battles and take fire for the troops. He decided to make parts as tribute to CC members; due to the size of the CC, he made two Titans, because he couldn't fit parts of all members on a single animatronic.

He has helped the CC in trying to find Lindsay before she died, and in addition, has warmed up to the CC members. A huge boost in firepower, Shredcut is very strong, but his one weakness is his speed; due to his size, he moves very slowly, about .5 mph.


Shredcut doesn't speak, but can grunt and emote; he is very nice outside battle, and loves making CC members happy. He is hostile to outsiders, but if it is an ally, he will stand down.

Special Relations

Lucile: The two talk a lot, due to Shredcut being a great listener. Lucile enjoys his company, and finds him very comforting.

Cuco: Although with the huge size differance, Cuco and Shred love playing games together, what little games they can actually play.

Inferno: Shredcut doesn't necessarily trust him, but he isn't hostile to him either. Inferno tries to be trust-worthy, but Shred hasn't budged.


He is getting a mini-me hybrid proxy, named Half-slice. Like all mini-mes, he is being created by System X.

In Cutting Crew: Deuce Ex Machina, you can play as Shredcut in certain missions. He has an ability to create a phantom version of himself, for more damage.

Games He Is In

-A protagonist and playable character in Cutting Crew: Deuce Ex Machina.


-He was inspired by the theory Springtrap was a hybrid of all the animatronics before he was revealed. His general demeanor can be traced to The Iron Giant as well.

-A view from his eyes in CC:DEM reveals his inner temperature is -19 degress(F). This, along with the Ice Healing Machine, alludes to Snowberg.

-5 people can climb into Shredcut and control seperate limbs, such as the left and right legs and arms, and the head and torso.

-His name comes from two words meaning to cut, being apart of the Cutting Crew, after all.

-Shredcut can perform slight magic, but not as well as Mad Jack,Clarissa, etc.

-Initials on his right arm reveal captives of the CC: DB(Deadbear) and TC(Top Chef).

     ##Titan.exe "Shredcut" v3.5
      if action(battle)==true
      move in front of the field
      if action(woundedenemy)==true
       evaluate enemy 
       if needs help==true
      ##Sill discovering...


No pictures exist yet.

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