Silver The Spider
State Alive
Type Animatronic Spider
Behavior Explorer, Aggressive(when flashed by a bright light)
Place Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, Backstage

Silver is a spider animatronic created by Shadowboy192.


Silver was a concept animatronic in the first FFP after the missing children incident, It was supposed to have endoskeleton legs that made him able to walk into walls to enter the vents to time to time, searching for criminals or predators. Silver's actual development began at the re-opened FFP, but he wasn't able to be finished in time due to the incidents happening at the location. Because of that, Silver was left unfinished. When the last re-opening of FFP happened Silver wasn't able to be finished because of the low budget and was kept in the backstage for extra parts.


Silver looks like a pig-sized spider with a navy blue costume and 6 legs with feet specially made to attach on walls. Silver has a costumeless face, revealing his endoskeleton, which has 8 red eyes. Silver has a bunch holes in his costume and loose wires around his body. Silver has a costumeless front right leg, a costumeless right middle foot and his last left leg is broken.


Sometimes when Silver gets active he will climb a wall close to him while navigating the location, he isn't seen by security guards because of that. Silver will sometimes try to take down working cameras around the location, making them get static for a few seconds, leaving time to the animatronics change their locations.


Silver tends to crawl around in dark corners since he is sensible to light, If he gets suddently flashed he will go in discontrol and tackle the source the light is coming from. Silver is anti-social since he never got to interact with anyone when created. He feels awkward when talking to someone, especially because of his somewhat broken voice box. Silver is known to be an observator, so he knows things about the pizzeria that most don't.



Fanart made by SpringThing14.


  • Later when finished, Silver was supposed to have a female partner and perform like the other animatronics during the day.

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