Back story

Simon was a zoo mascot for a honey badger exhibit. He told you all about how they were fierce and ferocious. His AI was specialized to learn from things that happens around him. One day two honey badgers were fighting and clawing at each other. Simon saw this and decided to use the knowledge he has obtained. When a small child went to the badger exhibit, Simon mauled the little child. The repair man try to find out what happened and tried to do a system reset but it was stuck. Almost like a virus in the chip and its telling him to kill more and be vicious. The zoo was losing money because the animatronic was dangerous. So they gave it to the only place that would have take it. Fazbear Pizzeria. They decided to use Simon as a trombone player and door greeter. He learns to be kind and nice..... but at night... well that's another story......................................


Simon is just the nicest person you could meet like Xenon the cat. But he has a split personality. He is this animal during the night. He is savage and unpredictable. He is OK with animatronics for the most part. When he sees a human however, he has this urge to kill them. He can't wait to find you and since he hunts better then Xenon he will find you. He isn't that smart when he's in animal mode but that means he is going to to be relentless. Simon in his normal state is very helpful, and cares for all that are good in a way.


He is black with two white stripes coming down the back of this body like a regular badger. He has a black fur and black eyes. He has white teeth and white claws.


  • Sharp Claws
  • Teleportation
  • Teeth
  • Strength
  • Immunity to poison or venom
  • Hiss roar
  • Night vision

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