Night 6 is DLC for Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location. It adds a 6th and 7th night.


The game takes place within the main location. You start in the elevator where HandUnit will repeat the Night 1 dialouge. You enter into the Main Control Module and a time can be seen on the top right. You have to survive from 12AM to 6AM. You have to keep checking upon the animatronics. Whenever animatronics go through the vents, it'll make the "Vent Motion Detected" voice clip.


Baby has a very simple path. She starts within the Circus Gallery, who can be seen constantly getting closer in the Circus Control. You need to give her a controlled shock to make her go back. If you don't check on her, the glass gets broken, and Baby begins to go after you.

Baby can also send her Bidybabs after you. Baby will not go into Funtime Auditorium or Ballora Gallery, and will send her Bidybabs after you instead. Bidybab uses his voice clips from Night 2.

Baby Voice Clips

  • "I see you."
  • "Don't stay away."
  • "I wouldn't believe someone else would stay here."
  • "The other person went missing."
  • "Stay out."
  • "..."


Ballora starts within Ballora Gallery with her Minireenas. If you crawl through Ballora Gallery with Ballora inside, the experience will be similar to when you do in the game. Ballora will also come to the Main Control Module and attack you from there.

Ballora can send Minireenas after you if you're in Funtime Auditorium, Parts & Services or the Scooping Room.


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