Toc II The Computing Octopus

He now helps kids with coding whenever he hears, "Toc help me!" He starts in Toc's Tank.

Bloody The Flying Hamster

Bloody is a hamster. He meant to be in the first location, but he was too late to get programmed. So, they put him here as a new animatronic. Some kids draw him with a girlfriend. He has his own room and sings songs for every day of the year.

Violet II

Violet II is a purple animatronic cat with aqua blue eyes, a T-Shirt that says, "Violet's Coding Center" on it, and a pink belly.


Violet II, unlike the original Violet, can't kill you anymore because of "improved safety features". However, if she gets close to you, power will go off immediately. When in your office, she can say:

"Hi there!"

"The show must go on!"

"Who the heck is this?"


  1. Violet's goal is to hurt Cora. Here's the story behind this: Cora was a mascot, side by side with Tera at Tera's Party Center. But then Violet's Coding Center came along, and Cora was separated from Tera and thrown in the backroom. Cora has begged to come back ever since, and Violet was really annoyed by that. That leads people thinking Violet wants to hurt Cora.

Tic II

He now wears a shirt that says "Coding time starts NOW!" In an easter egg, it says, "Go die". The kids love him the most and draw him the most. He smells like tic tac mints.

Tac II

She now has fiber-optic antennae that light up at night. She's a rival to GlowBug.

Lazy The LifeGuard Shark

She starts in the Swimming Pool. She doesn't kill you, she just blocks your doors when she gets you to keep out everyone else. She even attacks her reflection in the computer. She is a blue shark with a white belly and she wears a yellow swim ring.There is a little toy fish in her mouth. Her behavior is similar to Fush's. Some kids draw her with a boyfriend.

Cora the Bunny

She was made in 1987, and was the first mascot. Now she's just a speck of dust. I'm hoping she didn't hear that last part.

Gobo II

He looks more humanlike than fishlike now, with fingers, feet, and teeth.

Scrapped Violet


Scrapped/Withered Tic

His face is torn off because of toddlers.

Old Tac

Her face is also torn off for the same reason as Tic. Also her jaw is broken.

Old Bloody

He is jaw broken because of toddlers.

Old Gobo


Dark Violet

Dark Violet is an animatronic black cat with a gray belly. He is an easter egg that appears in the Storage Closet.

Easter Eggs

  • A full-screen image of Violet II
  • Dark Violet (above)