Six Weeks at Maxie's is a FNAF fan game.It will be a real game and will be released for Steam on 29 February 2016,Xbox One and Xbox 360 on 10 March 2016 and PS4 and PS3 on 13 March 2016.It is set in Maxie Mouse's Pastaria.

Phone Calls-

Night 1,Week 1

H-Hello?Hello and welcome to your new job at Maxie Mouse's Pastaria!You will spend six weeks here,due to five nights not being long enough.So,on this night,you only have to worry about your power,coz if it goes down,Maxie will appear down West Hall,play the Maxie Jingle,and you'll be dead.So have a good night,and I'll talk tommorow!

Night 2,Week 1

H-Hello?Woah,second night!Told you it shouldn't be a problem!Tonight,the animatronics go movin',but don't worry,as your doors and cameras will protect ya'!Have a good night,and I'll talk tommorow!

Night 3,Week 1

H-Hello?Night 3,wow!You're an expert!Tonight,Maxie intends to move.But as long as you keep an eye on him you should be OK.Have a good night,and I'll talk tommorow!

Night 4,Week 1

H-Hello?It's your fourth night,though I can't talk as much.HEY,MAXIE,WHATCHA DOIN'!*static*

Night 5,Week 1

H-Hello,Hello?Yeah,I'm still alive.No worries!Maxie only gave me a black eye and a broken wrist.Tonight is the night of bad!The animatronics will straight forward want to get ya.They will even break down your doors to get to you!Have a not so good night,and I'll try talking tomorrow!

Night 6,Week 1

*tons of static*

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