Skorian the Skeleton is a performer at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. He was instated after Mike Schmidt was fired, along with Gamer Guy.


Skorian the Skeleton teaches children about Human Anatomy (Such as the location of bones.). He stays in a room with many animatronic Costumes, which he puts on to teach children how we're all the same.

Skorian's Room

He starts in a door to the right wall of the Showstage. There are two cameras, one facing the door from the outside, and the other inside. Skorian stands in the center of the room, gesturing towards a Freddy Suit. It is an exact copy of Backstage, with the table in the left corner. There are more racks, too, along with full suits.


Skorian the Skeleton is a Bare Endoskeleton. He always has Endo eyes.


Skorian becomes active Night 1. He puts on a random suit when he leaves Skorian's Room. The suit will always have endoskeleton eyes. Wherever he is, or has been, there will be suit parts. A random suit part. He will be missing that suit piece, until he reaches your blindspot. He will appear at the Blindspot the suit that he wore would usually appear at. He can go in any room. While in the kitchen, he makes scratching noises. In his Jumpscare, he slides into The Office and grabs the Player. The player gets a different Game Over screen, showing the Player stuffed into the suit that Skorian was wearing.

List of Animatronic Suits

  • Toy Bonnie's head can be Found in Skorian's Room
  • Toy Freddy's microphone can be found under the table.
  • Toy Chica's beak is seen on the shelf
  • Chica's costume can be worn
  • Bonnie's costume can be worn
  • Freddy's costume can be worn
  • A fixed Foxy suit can be worn
  • Gamer Guy's suit can be worn

Skorian the Skeleton is possessed by The Seventh Child.

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