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Skye the Swan
Some attributes
First Swan/animatronic
Second Female suit
Third Scapegoat
Other attributes
Fourth Recorder player
Fifth Low self esteem

Skye the Swan is an animatronic swan residing at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.


Skye has a aqua flower in her "feathers" and aqua and green eyes. She also has a white dress. She also has arm warmers that are grey. She has visible headphones around her neck.

Character Bio

Fazbear Entertainment wanted to have a recorder player, so Skye was made. However, when they introduced Harry the Hyena, a COMPLETE prankster and troublemaker, Harry started blaming it on Skye for his destructive pranks. As a result, Skye got low self-esteem and usually hurts herself.


Original: Skye was open-minded and kind-hearted. She was also slightly timid.

After Harry was introduced: Skye has extremely low self-esteem, and fragments of her old personality was almost never shown. She usually hurts herself.

Special Relationships

Harry the Hyena: Harry feels proud at what he had done, but Skye feels resentful at what Harry had done.

Social Life

Like the rest of the animatronics, a kid named Lynn was stuffed into her suit. However, Lynn managed to stay alive somehow. Skye is usually blamed by Harry, and as a result, she is usually misunderstood as a prankster.


  • Skye's dress was originally going to be blue with a orange stripe going though the abdomen area. However, her creator's computer was lagging, so she had a white dress instead.
    • The same went for her arm warmers, which was going to have pink ends.