Slendertronic is an animatronic that resembles Slenderman. (Duh.) He was built (spoiler alert for Final Cold Words (Fanfic, Kinda, Sorta Sadfic),) by Slenderman in the story Final Cold Words. He also has the static and tentacle moves like his creator. He is 10' tall like his creator and has the skills to pay the bills!

Games he Appears in

Coming Soon

Five Nights with Creepypastas series

Five Nights with ??? series

One Night in the Woods

A Week in the Mansion

Several Days in the Cabin

One Month at Camp:Tentacle Meets Machete

Stories he Appears in

Final Cold Words

Coming Soon

Return of it

Killer in my Hotel Room

My Distant Twin

Place Swap

more to be announced


  • In Final Cold Words, Springtrap names him in the part where he was being chased by him. When Slendertronic used his tentacles to constrict him, he somersaults backwards, randomly saying, " Slendertronic got skills! "
  • A Week in the Mansion is from the rumor that Slenderman lives in a mansion.
  • When The Puppet thinks he's his distant twin, this is a reference to a DeviantART user called Marie-Mike who does artwork and an Ask FNaF Series, in which in one of the asks, someone asks why Puppet looks like Slenderman and the night guard (Jeremy or Mike) paints Puppet's face completely white.
  • Slendy and him get along pretty well being they're technical father and son.
  • The reason why he was built is unknown because Slenderman can take down multiple people in one day. Maybe he was multiplying the number of $20 he has? Heck, even I, the creator, doesn't know! (Lie.)

(more soon)

I do not own Slenderman, just this OC and his games and stories. Neither do I own FNaF or any of Scott's work. Or any Creepypasta on the beyond internet.

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