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Character Bio

After Purple Guy claimed another victim, the boy who was killed now possesses Slicer.

Screenshot 2015-08-05-16-01-16-1


He has the same design as the other bots, but has ears instead of a hat, he also has a hook which he replaces with a blade at night.


He is among the fastest in the group, and he is angered easily if someone insults him, but Bracer is there to calm him down when he needs it. He has the tendency to ambush the guards before killing them. He has learned to stay positive and live free.


Bracer - These two are amazing friends that nothing can split them apart. Bracer will help Slicer maintain his calmness and proceed towards his goal to kill the guard.

Drillbit - These two are great friends to each other and will often help each other out in different situations that involve each other's attributes.

Exi - These two are good friends that find each other good to hang out with. They often argue about who gets to slaughter the guard.

Sharder - These help each other out to the best of their abilities and will fight sometimes that it will require Bracer to step on, other then that, they are good friends.

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