Character Bio

Another robotic who had only gained relevance in 2112 as "Sargeant Slicer". Just like the others, he's only gained awareness and sentience one day.


He has the same design as the other bots, but has ears instead of a hat, he also has a hook which he replaces with a blade at night.

Series 2

His body is no longer square like and he gained red eyes. His ears and blades remain as well as gaining a new lighter grey, more white color.


He is among the fastest in the group, and he is angered easily if someone insults him, but Bracer is there to calm him down when he needs it. He has the tendency to ambush the guards before killing them. He has learned to stay positive and live free.

Series 2

He acts more commanding and has no tolerance for failure. Exi seems to dislike his behavior due to being served as too mean or cruel, therefore she tries to tone his attitude.


Bracer - These two have the most strained friendship ever seen, whenever both disagree with each other, they get into a heated and shouting arguememt.

Drillbit - Drillbit doesn't seem to want to deal with a disagreement with these anger inducing robotic.

Exi - He is the most common person that comes to her. She is the only one that tried to help him with his commanding rants. It proves to be difficult though.

Sharder - Slicer tells him to create a few things for him, and he does it. Sharder doesn't want to have a issue with him and have Slicer shout at him whenever he disagrees with him.


Orange Energy

His most basic attack and a common one.

Blade Hands

He can mow down foes once he's skilled enough. But for now he can stab and cut them.


Slicer is the second most aggressive of the team, with Bracer being the first.

Bracer and Slicer are almost close to killing each other, but they won't for some reason.

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