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Slinky is a Spider animatronic that, as with most other animatronics, can "free-roam" at night. Slinky was put out of commission after seeing child-responses to it, with it seemingly being too scary for the children who enter the restaurant.


Slinky is an animatronic Black-Widow spider, with its front legs being bigger than the rest. It has rounded pinchers with 6 eyes. Close examination of its pincers reveal it has a small amount of red on the tips.


It starts off completely unseeable, as it crawls through the ceiling. It's movements are rather randomized, but to substitute for this, it often leaves webs in wherever room it is in. When it gets to the Office, it is heard banging on the vents in the ceiling. It will later drop from the ceiling, requiring light flashed in its eyes the second it does. If successful, Slinky quickly crawls down the hallway, with its two biggest legs over its eyes. Failure to shoo away Slinky will result in Slinky spraying your character with webs, trapping him, than jumpscaring. Any time Slinky comes back to the Office after its initial run, the place where it fell through is still broken, meaning you must shine the light at Slinky as it approaches.

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