Sly The Ghost is a child's spirit in FNaF No one knows what she looked like as a kid, but she was killed by Puprle Guy.


Black Body, Blood under left eye, ghostly gray hair.


On her 10th birthday, Sly was tricked by Purple Guy and was killed. Everyday Sly would posses Foxy as a hiding place from the kids at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.


She goes inside your mind, You get a few visions of your past, Than you pass out. After that she takes you and puts you in a suit. Her jumpscare is the same in all 4 games.


"I got the job done!" After jumpscaring the nightguard.

"I can be better than him/her/that/it!" When everyone is not paying attention to her.

"It's Me" before jumpscaring the nightguard.


  • In her backstory it says she hides inside Foxy to prevent anyone from seeing her. Although the animatronics (including Foxy) know about her and they take care of


  • Sly was going to be a male, but a female fitted better.
  • Sly was not one of the 5 missing children. Her death occurred in 2000.


SpringThing14's Sky he Ghost

Drawn By SpringThing14!

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My drawing of SLy (which I think is better than the one I drew on my computer)

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Picture drawn by Blueflame(Experiment)