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"Fredbear says: To the Halloween Update Backstage you go."
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Smash is an animatronic hybrid of some of the CC's characters, created by Mitchell Cutter during Cutting Crew: Deuce Ex Machina. Due to the aumount of parts in this animatronic, a list below is provided for reference of parts in this animatronic.


  • A bowling ball for a head, as a tribute to Pluff.
  • 6 large animatronic weasels follow Smash, referencing Aurun.
  • Kunais and lime green graffiti, for Lime Guy.
  • Chainsaws, representing Doctor Woof.
  • A giant sniper rifle with a red X for an arm, for Xavier Munroe.
  • Claws for Spring.
  • A rose on the body for Rose Evargarde.
  • There is a red dress and a wooden doll on it's shoulder for Jessie and Samantha.
  • A pizza fedora is the tribute to Doctor Woof.
  • Endoskeleton arms to tribute Ylviere Kingsland, despite not being in the Cutting Crew.
  • A giant club, for Amity Kingsland, despite not being in the Cutting Crew. (The club looks similiar to a giant broomstick; Amity is a maid.)

The figure is 82, with a lean figure for mobility.


Along with Shredcut, Smash was created as a 'Titan' animatronic designed to take fire away from the front lines and destroy defenses. When finished, Smash was put into service and was deployed in a mission to guard an important fortress, vital to the Manifest War in Cutting Crew: Deuce Ex Machina, able to be controlled by a pilot; the person assigned was Tinsay, and the two eventually came to be almost inseparable. Her one weakness, like the other Titans, was slowness, however, Smash is the fastest, moving at 1.5mph.


Smash actually is equipped with an A.I of the same name, so she can speak unlike other animatronics. She is serious, calm, and manipulative of enemies, but generous and amiable to any allies.

Special Relations

Tinsay- The two have bonded together through protecting the Stone Fortress of the CC. Tinsay loves sassing her, and vice versa.

Shredcut-One could say they are brother and sister, but Smash thinks he's just all brawn and no brains, so they are distant.

Golden Toy Chica-She is very smart, so Smash respects her and likes working alongisde her.


Smash's weasels and wooden doll are all powerful proxies; the weasels are named Edward, Lacey, KJ, Tony, Samuel, Lindsay, and Armando, after all the original CC members' human forms. The wooden doll is named Cyclone.

A wraith version of her can be summoned when she needs it.


-Appears in challenge missions in Cutting Crew: Deuce Ex Machina.


-Smash has magical capabilites, but not as much as other sorcerers, such as Mad Jack, Deadbear, etc.

-The A.I can be downloaded into any animatronic or electrical device, similiar to System X.

-Her holographic form appears similiar to a gender-swapped Mitch.


"You have reached Parts and Services."
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Cyclone is a golem-esque animatronic made by Mitch as a follower of Smash. He appears as a large, 7'11 wooden humanoid, with a very muscular build and weapons, such as swords and guns, held in holsters and scabbards that he wears.



No pictures of Smash exist yet.

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