Snowberg, simply referred to as Snow, is a endoskeleton surrounded by ice, created by Lindsay, with help from The Seamstress, during the events of Five Nights At The Inventory. Often, she is seen wearing her white nurse uniform, as she is a medic in the Cutting Crew militia.


Snow was made out of an old endoskeleton from a Foxy animatronic and ice frozen around the endoskeleton. The Seamstress give Snow the power to use ice to her own benefit, and thus, Snow was born. During the meteor that nearly wiped out the CC, Snow survived, but she had evaporated into the air; days later, in a rain storm, The Chef recovered her and made her a medic in the militia.


Snow, in FNATInvent1, moves swiftly, but noisily. A camera can actually be frozen when she moves; The way it works is that when she moves, the camera will not update the picture, making it seem like Snow is there when really she isn't. The only sign to tell that this is happening is crackling sounds coming from a camera. She moves to the Office, but doesn't have a jumpscare.


Originally, Snow was very shy, but she gained confidence when working as a medic. She takes her work very seriously, and has a will of steel. Though that doesn't stop her from making an occasional joke now and then.

Special Relations

Firefly: The two get along okay; They fight, but it's sort of sibiling rivalry, as both were made by Lindsay.

Toy Lindsay: She originally hated her from replacing Lindsay, but gained respect for her when she died fighting for the CC against the Manifestation.

System X: She is baffled by his seemingly endless abilities, and his even obscurer past.


-Snow, when happy, warms up, which mean if happy for too long, she melts.

-She has frozen blue dye for hair; they hang off her head like icicles.

-In a RP, Snow accidently stuffed a night guard into a phone. The phone was shortly destroyed, and she never stuffed anyone again.

-Snow has two carved in holes for eyes; her endoskeleton eyes are purple, though.

-Snow's lab is in a freezer, for reasons obvious. The meat locker was actually taken from Paradise Island, the deterioated restaurant from A Night In Paradise.

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