Holly: I will try (breaths for air)

(cat meows in tree)

Snowstruck: AWW THAT POOR KITTY. Good thing I have 2 robot claws (climbs up tree)


Snowstruck: I got you little (sneezes 3 times before can finish sentence)

Holly: are you ok Snostruck?

Snowstruck: I don't AHCHOO!! Know

Holly: come down and I will help you.

(scene cuts to snowstruck's igloo)

Holly: puts thermomenter in snowstruck's mouth

Snowstruck: (takes out thermomenter) Animatronics don't get sick holly!

Holly: Oh sorry

(cat goes near snowstruck)

Snowstruck: (sneezes)

Holly: wait a minute (puts cat by snowstruck and snowstruck sneezes) (takes cat away and snowstruck is fine) (puts cat by snowstruck again and snowstruck sneezes)

Holly: AH HA I GET IT NOW! Your allergic to cats!

Snowstruck: WHAT?! So I can't play with the adorable kitties?

Holly: im afraid so.

(tears go down snowstruck's face)

Holly: Hey hey its ok just lay down and I will find this cat's owner

Bracer: (comes in the igloo) Are you ok?

Snowstruck: No im allergic to cats but their so cute

Bracer: Its ok! Im allergic to dogs!

Snowstruck: But im an animatronic dog!

Bracer: WHEN I WAS A HUMAN I WAS ALLERGIC TO DOGS!! You were probaly programed to have an allergy! Don't worry you will be ok

(scene cuts to snowstruck sitting in the igloo looking bored and 3 cats meow)

Snowstruck: Oh no 3 kittens are stuck in a tree.. But im allergic to cats :(. I HAVE TO SAVE THEM NO MATTER WHAT!!!(snowstruck runs outside)

Holly: SNOWSTRUCK NO!!!!!!

Snowstruck: I HAVE TO SAVE THEM HOLLY! (puts both robot claws on tree) AHCHOO!!!! (sniffles)

Holly: Oh no if she gets near 3 or more cats she gets a virus (a way an animatronic gets sick)

Snowstruck: (has kittens in hands and sneezes 6 times kittens fall)

Holly: (grabs kittens)

Snowstruck: Holly I don't feel so good (coughs)

Holly: Oh no!

(scene cuts to snowstrucks igloo)

Holly: You have to sleep/deactivate for a week to get better

Snowstruck with sore robot throat: ok (choughs and sleeps)

Holly: (sighs) she just loves cats

Bracer: I love dogs but im allergic to them

Holly: But snowstruck is...

Bracer: WHEN I WAS A HUMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holly: OK OK


(scene cuts to snowstrucks igloo where she wakes up)

Snowstruck: TIME TO MAKE SOME KIDS HAPPY! (takes place in front of igloo)

THE END!!!!!!!!

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