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"So, these new animatronics...and the wierd one...Are perfectly harmless! Soda, though..You ever get run over by a semi? That's what's he capable of. (Laughs, slowly turns into sobbing)"-Soda mentioned in DLC for FNAF1

Sodapop, one of the five original Cutting Crew members, is a retro-fitted 60s soda machine that later became a general for the CC's extensive army. A green, LCD screen shows his emotions and facial expressions and he moves around on a single wheel, attached to a steel beam underneath him.


Sodapop, before stuffing, was a homeless man named Samuel Allen. Sam had lost all of his money and his home, for reasons unknown, and was living in a van. But, one fateful night, he was invited to a dinner party at Crazy Chef's Cutting Palace, where food and drinks were catered free. Excited, he took the offer, and drove to CC's Palace, only to find the people that would become the original 6 CC members.

He was murdered, murdered by Mitchell Cutter, an unstable animatronic expert, along with the other 3 people, Lacey Carlise, Tony Cadenza, KJ Lyman. Mitchell stuffed them all, save for Sam: He had to improvise, so he jury-rigged a soda machine that can move and talk and stuffed Sam into that. He seemed okay with his new life, as Sodapop was a favorite of certain Crazy Chef patrons.

Then, Chef disappeared one fateful night; carried away and stolen by Fazbear Entertainment to spark interest in Freddy's again. Not letting their friend get away, Jack led the CC under the cover of moonlight, not to mention Jack burning Lindsay's house down, to finally end her psychotic father. The 5 finally met up at Freddy's, where the team was fully formed.

Over the years, he has suffered wear and tear, most notably from FNATI1 where he was broken in half and held by wires, but he has been a faithfully serving member to the end, thus leading to his status as a controller of ground forces, the bulk of the CC.


Soda has a lot of spunk and charisma, similiar to Fozie, but he generally doesn't like hurting people and often tries to make friends with people before he acts hostile to them. Nightguards, however, are fair game, and he loves hunting them down, stalking them.


  • Lindsay- Generally, the two get along very well, and they both love hanging around each other. Soda would even stock special drinks, such as vodka, at night for her to buy, even at risk of the manager finding out. Known each other since the beginning.



  • Sodapop was conceived by one of my favorite horror characters ever, The Killer Cola Machine from Maxium Overdrive. It would basically launch sodas so fast, it would kill people on impact, similiar to Soda's methods of attacking enemies.
  • He can go into a sort of sleeper mode: The wheel retracts and the screen blanks, thus making Soda look like a real vending machine. The Seamstress made him able to do this to help the CC with stealth missions.

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