"Hey there kids! It's party time!" -Sollest, talking to the kids during the day.

Sollest is a humanoid animatronic who uses her humanoid and mixed body to do lots of acts for the kids during the day.


Sollest starts at the Restrooms/Kid's Cove, before moving on. She heads to the Kitchen/Game Area next, then the East Hall/Main Hall, before entering the office hallway or right blindspot, before infiltrating your office.


When Sollest was a kid, she was stuffed into a suit by her father, who just so happened to be a member of Fazbear Entertainment. When she later woke up in the suit, she began hunting her father, knowing he did it. She soon found him dead on the Show Stage in 2002, 9 March. She then forced herself to remain in Freddy's Pizzeria for the incoming years that passed.


Sollest is a generous care-free animatronic. She hates going near Freddy and Bonnie, but she is fine with everybody else. Otherwise, she treats everyone as her friend, in all cases.


Sollest's body is a brown-pink combo. Coming out from under her yellow, small top hat, there are two streams of light blue hair-like fabric-looking hair. She has orange eyes, and for some reason, her light blue streams are like squid tentacles. She also has a purple bow around her neck area which has green stars on it.


Normally, Sollest takes anybody as her friend. But there a few she likes being with more than others, and a few she hates.

Rex - Best friend, currently planning a special date (I wonder why?).

Cassei - Rivals. They hate each other to no end and will not stop fighting.