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Sonata is an animatronic jackal that only appears in Night 2.


Sonata is a brown jackal with a blacked colored back (much like real life jackals) and purple eyes. She appears to wear a small purple hat with a pink ribbon on it. She wears a pink shirt with an eighth note symbol on it, she wears purple and pink skirt, pink-and-white stockings with light pink shoes. She appears to have a microphone which matches her hat. Which it means she's a singer of the stage. During the night, her eyes appear to be black and has a toothy grin.


  • She appears to sing Kakome, Kakome or other songs that possibly horrify the player. Sometimes, when she sings a song, it disables the player's flashlight (Just like Balloon Boy does when he enters the office) when her voice becomes louder, which is meant she is near the vent or the entrance. The only way to stop her from singing is to wear the Freddy mask and her voice will be never heard again after 15 seconds. Which it meant she left the vent or the entrance.


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