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"Freddy's Medley" is a mix of various FNaF-themed songs by SilverCyberlink. It's mood can range from serious to comedic, and the medley contains a variety of genres. Each one is themed about a specific animatronic, and there are five songs in total. In order they are "I Come With the Darkness", "My Name is Bonnie", "A Song About Chica", "I'm a Pirate Fox" and "Heart Attack", being dubstep, pop-rock, dance-pop, *unknown* and an orchestral/hard rock hybrid.

I Come With the Darkness (Dubstep)

[deep bassline begins, followed by a drum sequence]


Long into this shadowed night, he keeps watching, waiting for us, the power's going down, really quick, but the guard is still doing it well. Mr. Schmidt is deep in fear, trying to keep us out. I never thought, I never planned, I just went with the flow of the dark. Hiding in blackness, waiting behind him, I'm waiting for the power to run out (Ay!).

[slight buildup starts]

He keeps on staring, at that monitor screen, but he never noticed, the eyes staring at the door! He tries to fight back, but he trembles in fright, the doors just burst open, he should know that I come with the darkness...yes, I come with the darkness, oooh, I come with the darkness, yes...

[beat drops]


[various glitchy noises and a complex beat follow, with a wobbling bass line and beepy synths]

More coming soon.

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