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This is a song by ShadicFazbear. It's a song sung from Springtrap and the FNaF3 nightguard's perspective, and it follows a rap/rock kind of style.



Fazbear's Fright, The Horror Attraction:

Starring you and me!

No ventilation, hallucinations,

Balloon Boy, Freddy and more!

[Verse 1]

Better make sure the right vent's sealed,

Or I'm coming straight for you!

Out your window, in your doorway,

Make sure everything's online!

Handing out hallucinations just to stall for time,

You don't want to know what I've been through...

I am Springtrap, a force to be reckoned with,

No murderers here, I assure you!

{Character perspective switches}

[Verse 2]

The door's wide open, the vents are offline,

You think you've got me, right?

Not even a chance, just a simple reboot,

The phantoms don't have a chance!

Who needs doors when you can seal the vent,

And play some noises to turn the tables,

I am the night watch, the god of this place,

Soon you'll be burned to the ground!


More coming soon!

I swear I am the GOD OF INSTRUMENTAL FITTING. I got this to fit with the Egg Hawk theme from Sonic Heroes perfectly.

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