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This is a song by ShadicFazbear, similar to SilverCyberlink's Toy Bonnie Anthem. It doesn't have any particular style to it, it's just a regular song.


Unlike the others, I don't use the vents, I take the main hall... Through the Game Area, through the hall, your camera's useless now... As I get closer and closer, you better be ready for me... I may be the last one off the stage, but that doesn't mean I'm inactive! I don't appear much on the cameras, so you better check the hall... My mouth gets more and more open as I dash around this place... Be ready for me, my black eyes, you have no idea... My true identity, lying beyond your view in this suit!


Hope your reflexes are good, 'cause you're gonna need to be fast... In throwing on the mask as I inexplicably appear! As I get closer and closer, you can't ward me off... so be quick, be alert and be ready for Toy Freddy! (Toy Freddy!)

[instrumental part]

(I'm in the Game Area, wait a minute, where's BB!?) (Better go find him, I won't have this, in my pizzeria!)

As the lights go down, you fumble around to throw on the impostor mask... Don't worry, I'll play along, in this game of night watching!

More coming soon!

Leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments. (A small bit of trivia, this was actually built around the Rail Canyon theme from Sonic Heroes...)

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