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Were you looking for Toy Sonic?

"We built Sonic for Sonic's 30th B-day, so treat him with respect, 'kay?"-Phone Guy, Night 1.


On Sonic's 30th Birthday, Fazbear Entertainment invited Sega for a "surprise". When Sega members got there, a Sonic-matronic (as said by Phone Girl, PG's replacement on Night6), came out and preformed "His World" by Crush 40, while fighting Badniks. Sega was impressed an proud of this new Sonic-matronic and told FE they should use it in more performances. Sadly, tough, a fan of Sonic at Freddy's was lured into the back room by Bonnie. He was murdered by Purple Guy after getting out of the Bonnie suit and was stuffed into the Sonic suit.
Sonic Nega is BACK

A picture of him.


He starts on N1, and activates at 2AM. He acts like Bonnie, his path and behavior, but is faster and not afraid to move while being watched. The only difference with his behavior when compared to Bonnie's is that he goes to (what Mike S. calls) Golden Freddy's Corner most of the time, that is the only place he stops moving, and looks at the camera. He also starts in the Kitchen, while you can (well, you know) chili-dogs being eaten. His jumpscare is just like Spring trap's, but with the normal scream.

Looks Like

Sonic, but with cyan buttons running down his belly and a white-striped red bow tie. He has black buttons running down his shoes. He also at times has red endoskeleton eyes. He also at day has normal gloves, but at night he has claw-like gloves.


Phantom Sonic

As you guessed, it's Sonic with the phantom texture and red-endo eyes.

Ring-ed Shoes

If he's in the hallway, and you turn on the light, sometimes instead of him there will be rings and his shoes, leading to a shadow.

Sonic-plushie with a Chilidog

His plushie has a chilidog.

Relationships (Free Edit)

Toy Sonic: FAKER!!

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