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{{Foxy progress}} Sparky is a black dog. This is how he dies. He was supposed to be Backstage but he was in Kids Cove instead. Mangle was Backstage hiding. Meanwhile, the kids disassembled Sparky for 3 hours.

What was going on in Backstage

Mangle was hiding in the darkness. He was sort of glad he was an endoskeleton because no one could see him.

He stayed there for 3 hours and did NOT even bother to eat a slice of pizza.

The first hour

Sparky was very dirty. He had dirt and pizza all over him. On his face there was blood and mucus.

The second hour

Sparky had a broken jaw. His voice was muffled. His endoskeleton teeth were exposed.

The third hour

Sparky was just a mangle of stuff. His endoskeleton everything was exposed. All the wires were tangled up.

The trash

Someone threw Sparky away. He went to the Dumpster. Mangle was back at Kids Cove.

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