Spiney is an orange spinosaurus with a light colored spine and 3 sharp fingers for each of his 2 hands. His habitat is in "spiney's show" which is currently out of order, due to him twitching alot and the big scars he has on his body, showing his endoskeleton. Although at night, he can be able to wander around, hunting for the security gaurd. Like his friend, Rexy, he is cursed by both a dead child and a dead dinosaur, but it's a spinosaurus this time. He can have the same strength as Rexy, but he is weak to lights, which is why when you stop him with a flashlight or doorlight, he yells "AAARGH! TOO BRIGHT!" and then goes back to his own show.


  • The closer he is to the office, then the more active he gets. First he is in his curtains, then he peeks out at the camera, then he gets a ready pose at a hall, signaling you to get ready for his dash. Then he runs to the office to jumpscare you, not like Foxy.
  • Instead of running like Foxy, he has a long snout like him, but it has no freckles.
  • Out of all the animatronics that is with Rexy, Spiney is the least aggresive.
  • however, Spiney runs at the same speed as Foxy, giving you time to use the lights.
  • if you look closely on spiney's mouth, you can see some very sharp teeth. but when spiney has a ready stance looking at the west hall at his show camera, you can see another set of sharp teeth, which was his endoskeleton teeth. the explanation and reasoning why spiney has these such sharp teeth is unknown.




  • Since Rexy is the leader of Rappie, Allan and Spiney, he treats Spiney as a teacher's pet.


  • Foxy is Spiney's idol since they both run, but they can be stopped differently, Foxy by the door and Spiney by the light.



  • Since Lindsay isn't an animatronic, he trys looking for her, trying to hunt her down to stuff her in a suit, but he still hasn't found her.
  • his hate with snapella has changed from calling her a "terminator" to just saying "hey" everytime he passes by her in a greeting manner, but he doesn't even look at her. The rampage trigger has not stopped.

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