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Spitz is a puppet who is insane and has two personalities.


Spitz appears as a puppet with purple gloves, pants, and shoes, and he also wears a purple vest. Spitz, in order to keep with the appearance of a puppet, has a white mask with red pupils. Spitz can float, due to the amount of souls in him, so he usually appears hovering.


Spitz has one personality who likes to help the guard, and temporarily seals the vents. However, sometimes he is malevolent and jumpscares you, or turns the clock back one hour. This is due to two souls fighting inside him.


A puppet, with an unknown purpose, was lying in the bottom of a music box. Then, two souls went into him at the same time. They formed into one powerful, insane soul with DID. He floated out of the box, uttered "showtime," and went to cause havoc.


  • I will make an animated jumpscare for him soon.
  • He has a high-pitched voice.
  • He speaks fluent German.
  • Spitz is German for sharp, and he dresses sharp.
  • Spitz is actually male and female, but is referred to as male.

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