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Spitz is a puppet possessed by two spirits with conflicting views and personalities.



Spitz wears a pale grey mask with a thin divide vertically down the center and has large, protruding purple cheeks. His mask has two large eye holes with small yellow lights inside. His cheeks are connected with a large, motionless grin and he is draped in a black turtleneck. Over top of his turtleneck he wears a purple vest and matching gloves, along with purple pants and black dress shoes. He is often hovering above the ground and his mask appears rather menacing.

Personality A

This personality was a small child before death and was brutally murdered when he fell into the basement of a small 'Freddy's' branch in New York. He prefers to take the peaceful route in the face of conflict, though he isn't the brightest.

Personality B

This personality was a murderer who was shot by a police officer during a murder nearby the same 'Freddy's' building. He prefers to take the violent route in the face of conflict, and he is very smart. A large drawback he has is his overconfidence in himself.


A child died in a 'Freddy's' branch almost simultaneously as a murderer was shot to death by a police officer. The two souls found a prototype of The Puppet in 'Freddy's' and directly possessed the same body and when the murderer realized he attempted to escape, but to no avail. Five years passed and the puppet found a new nightguard in a different building named Cyan Guy being killed by Lime Guy and desperately attempted to rescue him after a long internal debate. Lime met Spitz and locked him up in the office before being let out by Mike Schmidt accidentally. Spitz went on and unleashed himself upon the world, wreaking havoc as one personality and attempting to fix his mistakes as another. He eventually found himself being taken to Fazbears Fright and narrowly escaping the fire. Encountering Springtrap, Spitz began uncovering the other supernatural happenings at Freddy's.


  • Spitz is German for 'Sharp,' describing how he is dressed.

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