Springbit is a old and withered robotic who used to inhabit the underground system before it got destroyed, his current whereabouts are unknown.

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He is a moss-green robotic with white glowing eyes, he also has a wide mouth which displays a row of sharp teeth, he has his signature college hat, except it has a more greenish color. He seems to be in a withered state, his body has many holes and tears, whoever his face does not contain any damage at all.


Although, only being seen in-game, Springbit has an ill-tempered personality, in which causes him to lash out at anyone who even goes near him. Although he can get annoyed and angered easily, he still hangs out with his phantom friends, he doesn't hang out with the other robots because he believes that they are too "idiotic and ignorant", but he only talks to the others only if he is forced to or he is just bored. He still has as much AI power as Drillbit, but he uses it so stupidly.


Phantom Bracer - Just like the originals, they act as if they were brothers, they have a really strong bond to which is better then the originals, but that is unlikely, but that doesn't stop him from having a stronger friendship.

Phantom Exi - It is rarely shown, but it seems that Springbit has a crush on her. That's because he mostly talks to her when waiting on the others to jumpscare the guard, Phantom Exi is the only girl he talks to because he said in his own words, "Exi is too cheery, Toy Exi is too flirtish, and Nightmare Exi is too sharp looking".

Phantom Slicer - Springbit actually gets annoyed by Phantom Slicer's speed demon personality, he just watches him either trying to run down the hall or disappearing and reappearing. Although, despite all of this, they have a great friendship.

Phantom Sharder - He has a steady friendship with this phantom robotic, however, they do have their arguments, some of them being on how to kill the guard, while others are just plain problems, so they have a good friendship going, it's not a great one, but at least a good one.


Springbit has a great hatred for B-0, but they keep their tempers under control if in the same room

He hates him because he is the only one to discover his crush for Phantom Exi and he could possibly humiliate him

Springbit also hates the elements because he said and mentioned that they are "too diverse and too many".

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