Springtrap the Night Guard is a story I thought of, hope you like it!

Here it goes...

*Springtrap walks into the FNaF1 Office*

Springtrap: Hehe...this is gonna be easy! What kind of idiot would want to break into a pizzeria anyways...

*Phone rings, Springtrap picks it up*

Phone Guy: Hello? Hello, hello! I wanted to record a message for-

*Springtrap mutes it*

Springtrap: Don't care! Gonna get some pizza!

*The light activates for a short second, revealing Chica looking into the Office*
*Shows Springtrap walking into the Kitchen*

Springtrap: Let's see what we got!

Bonnie: H-hey *glitchy noises* Y-y-y-y-our supposed to *elec garble .wav* be-be in your-r suit-t-suit!

Springtrap: *Not paying attention* Yeah whatever, maybe later. Can you hold this for me? *Hands Bonnie his drink*

Bonnie: Hey, your-your-*glitchy noises* not supposed to-to eat that! *Puts Springrap's drink on the counter*

Springtrap: *Chomping on pizza* Why not? *Chomps on pizza so more* I'm the Night Guard.

Bonnie: The-the Ni-night Guard? What's-what's a Night-night-*deeper voice*-night *normal voice* guard?

*Chica walks in*

Chica: Bonnie, why haven't you gotten the endoskeleton into his-the Night Guard is gone.

Bonnie: *Looking around* Where'd he go?!

*Shows Spingtrap walking back to the office*

Springtrap: *Chugs Soda* Wow. That was easy.

*Looks at the monitor*

Springtrap: *Screams* *Yelling frantically* WHERE'D THE BEAR GO?!?!

*Freddy jumpscares Springtrap, but Springtrap just stares at him*

Springtrap: *Arms crossed* Wow. That was stupid.

Freddy: Wha..what? Your...your...

Springtrap: *Sarcastically* What? Did your epic fail make you sad?

*Freddy runs away crying, just then Foxy appears in the doorway*

Foxy: Rawr.

*Springtrap freaks out and falls down, and dies*
*The Animatronics jump up in victory as victory music play*