Stiletto the Cat is ScourgesCustomPlants' first female animatronic.


Stiletto looks like a grey cat in a black spy jumpsuit. Stiletto also carries a knife when she has her endoskeleton eyes.



Stiletto is quite nice to the children and is often hiding in Spy Headquarters. She also, to the dismay of the staff, sabotages shows sometimes.


Stiletto is quite a nuisance to most players, as she has three tactics to confuse the player.

  1. She hides so you can just barely see her if the camera pans just right.
  2. She leaves an empty suit of herself in a room she has just left in the spot she was last in.
  3. She wears the suit of another animatronic and acts like them for the next few rooms. However, something is always wrong with the suit (ex. Old Foxy doesn't have endoskeleton teeth).

Thankfully, she moves slower than the rest of the animatronics most of the time. The only time she moves faster is when she hasn't been checked on in a while.

Also, if Ru, Cyanide, or Foxy is in a room with her, she will kiss them until they leave. However, if Mangle is in a room with her, they will fight. When Stiletto and Mangle are fighting, clunks, scrapes and screeches can be heard in surrounding rooms.


  • A full-screen image of Stiletto with human eyes will appear.


Stiletto has a smooth female voice.


Stiletto will jump behind the desk and stab you with the knife.



  • A stiletto knife is a short dagger with a tapering blade.
    • Stiletto happens to carry a stiletto knife, hence her name.