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Stinger is a new animatronic in Five Nights at Freddy's: Fazbear's Museum.

Stinger fnaffm
Character Information
Species Drone
Gender Male?
Color Yellow and black
First appearance FNaF:FM


Stinger is an animatronic head with eyes similar to Toy Chica's. He is yellow with black stripes and wears a propeller cap with a similar color scheme.


Stinger becomes active at 8AM. He cannot be seen on cameras, since he moves too fast. When he reaches the office, he will steal the Monitor/Camera tablet and fly away. Stinger will reach the office in about 6 seconds if not stopped.


Stinger makes a bee buzzing sound when moving.


Stinger is a drone that has been programmed to remove cameras to uphold the "no flash photography" rule.


  • Use the bug net (captures him)
  • The door (not recommended, due to Stinger's speed)
  • Lights (briefly stun him)


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