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Super Freddy Brothers is a FNaF platformer made by UUnlockedMario. It obviously parodies Super Mario Bros..

Playable characters

  • Freddy Fazbear: Perfectly balanced
  • Bonnie: Has best jumping.
  • Chica: Briefly hovers
  • Foxy: Runs fastest


Flumpty Bumpty has kidnapped yet another person to play his "survival hide-and-seek game". In fact, he kidnapped eight people. However, one of those people were an animatronic, Golden Freddy. The seven other people were FNaF YouTubers.


World 1: Nameofthecityisirrelevant City

  1. Freddy Fazbear's Pizza: Make it out of Freddy's.
  2. They Don't Let Us Out: Go through the city and find the amusement park where Fazbear's Fright is.
  3. Don't Get Hit!: Still continuing in the city to find Fazbear's Fright, Flumpty's minions are driving cars to run over and dismantle the animatronics.
  4. The Amusement Park: Enter the amusement park and get to Fazbear's Fright.
  • The Owl: Defeat The Owl and save Smike.

World 2: Mt. Shroom

  1. You Know the Basics: Get to the end of the first level of the slightly more difficult World 2.
  2. Springy Shrooms: Bounce off of mushrooms to reach the goal.
  3. Atop the Mountain: Reach the top of Mt. Shroom and get into Eyesaur's castle, where ZombieWarsSMT is being held captive.
  4. Twenty Eyes Watching: Make it through Eyesaur's castle and confront Eyesaur itself.
  • Eyesaur: Defeat Eyesaur and save ZombieWarsSMT.

World 3: Rodent Lake

  1. Flooded Jungle:
  • The Beaver: Defeat The Beaver and save Dawko.

World 4: ???

  • The Redman: Defeat The Redman and save TeddyBear87.

World 5: ???

  • Grunkfuss the Clown: Defeat Grunkfuss the Clown and save PrettyGrumpyBear.

World 6: ???

  • Golden Flumpty: Defeat Golden Flumpty and save Ryan and Other Ryan.

World 7: ???

  • Birthday Boy Blam: Defeat Birthday Boy Blam and save the last YouTuber, Markiplier.

World 8: Flumpty's Horror House

  • Flumpty Bumpty: Defeat the final boss, Flumpty Bumpty, and save Golden Freddy.

Kidnapped YouTubers

  1. Smike
  2. ZombieWarsSMT
  3. Dawko
  4. TeddyBear87
  5. PrettyGrumpyBear
  6. Ryan and Other Ryan
  7. Markiplier


  1. The Owl: It swoops down to attack. When it is low on the ground, jump on it.
  2. Eyesaur: It runs into walls to attack. When it hits a wall, it gets dizzy. This is when he player should jump on it.
  3. The Beaver
  4. The Redman
  5. Grunkfuss the Clown
  6. Golden Flumpty
  7. Birthday Boy Blam
  8. Flumpty Bumpty