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Super Smash Bots is a game made by Gaomon Gamez and Men In Black Cor. Games. The game features characters from Nintendo, Five Nights at Freddy's and other franchises battling it out to prove who is the best character.


The game overall plays similar to Super Smash Bros. There can be up to 8 players at once and players must attack each other in order to build up their percent gauge. When this is high enough, they player is in danger of being launched and the only way to get it down again is to use certain moves or items.

Each character plays differently with special moves and combos being different from each other to give each character a unique style of play that only that character has. After obtaining an item known as a "Smash Ball", the player can then preform their character's ultimate move, known as a Final Smash, unique to each character.

List of Characters

Starting Characters

Mario Starting Character

Special moves:

Fireball (Standard B)

F.L.U.U.D (Down B)

Super Cape (Side B)

Super Jump (Up B)

Bowser Starting Character

Special Moves:

Flame breath (Standard B)

Massive Kick (Side B)

Counter-attack (Down B)

Tornado Jump (Up B)

Princess Peach
Peach Starting Character

Special Moves:

Peach Beam (Standard B)

Parasol Glide (Up B)

Peachy! (Side B)

Taunt 4 (Down B)

Freddy Fazbear Starting Character

Special Moves:

Tophat Toss (Standard B)

Jumpscare (Side B)

Toreador March (Down B)

Tophat Glide (Up B)

Bonnie Bunny Starting Character

Special Moves:

Guitar Smash (Standard B)

Jumpscare (Side B)

Backup Bash (Down B)

Bunny Hop (Up B)

Chica Chicken Starting Character

Special Moves:

Pizza (Standard B)

Jumpscare (Side B)

Egg Throw (Down B)

Limited Flight (Up B)

Springtrap Starting Character Special Moves:

Desk Fan (Standard B)

Jumpscare (Side B)

Guitar Smash (Down B)

Gear Toss (Up B)

Foxy The Pirate Starting Character Special Moves:

Hook (Standard B)

Jumpscare (Side B)

Foward Lunge (Down B)

Upwards Lunge (Up B)

Balloon Boy Starting Character Special Moves:

Sign Whack (Standard B)

Balloon Launch (Side B)

Dash (Down B)

Float (Up B)

The Marionette Starting Character Special Moves:

Music Box (Standard B)

Jumpscare (Side B)

Weasel Pop (Down B)

Jack Jump (Up B)

Golden Freddy Starting Character Special Moves:

Mic Smash (Standard B)

Head Toss (Side B)

Poster (Down B)

Teleport (Up B)

Link Starting Character Special Moves:

Shield (Standard B)

Sword Slice (Side B)

Arrow Launch (Down B)

Upward Lunge (Up B)

Zelda Starting Character Special Moves:

Ego Change (Standard B)

Reflection (Side B)

Magic (Down B)

Teleport (Up B)

Marth Starting Character
Robin Starting Character