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System C is a new 'deity system' created by the same administrator as System X, revealed to have been allied with the The Manifestation in Cutting Crew: Deuce Ex Machina. Like X, he has a black, metal case, but with a C symbol emblazoned on it instead of X's eye symbol. C has a different interface than X, also: C has more of an IM system, seen on phones, than the chatroom his brother has.


The administrator who created X was contacted by Puppetmaster, and was forced to create a new electronic deity, like X, who was allied with the Cutting Crew at the time. In the process, he was given a virus that nearly destroyed X from the inside out by 'eating' his A.I coding and messing with X's powers. C was to be able to destroy the CC with a secret weapon; a laser strike that could cut the entire kingdom in half, causing billions of dollars in damage and death. The plan never saw the light of day, however, as the CC managed to steal C from them and use it to fix X.

X's virus was killed by using avatars controlled by The Chef and other CC members; afterwards, the two systems went to wrok into figuring out where their admin was, to protect him from Manifest harm that was to come. More will be revealed later, as DEM progresses.


C is noticeably more cynical and serious than X, most likely because Manifest wanted him to be created that way. Not much social activity occurs with C. but with a few people that went rogue to help the CC he finds some comfort in, such as Flesh and Katherine.

Special Relations



-C's only appearance so far is in CC:DEM, as a minor protagonist that helps the CC fix X.


-C was originally a female system that was to love flirting with others, but this idea is unused, due to being to similar to a certain someone. It may come back as a new OC, sometime in the future.

  • In addition, the idea of a flirty character could also be traced to Voyenanna Mashina.

-C's main color is yellow, as X's is black; reasons exactly why it is yellow vary, but some think the Manifest want Yellow Guy as a infectee, thus C is colored yellow for inspiration to capture him.

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