System X is an electronic deity that takes the form of a chat room in a computer. The case itself has a strange eye symbol on it, with a latch to open and close it. Inside is a keyboard and mouse for functions with the computer. X debuts in Cutting Crew: A Hard Act To Follow.


He was made by some administrator who is never named, but what is known is that he has rules to follow by when talking to mortal human and animatronics. It is theorized that a higher power, maybe someone like the Seamstress, made System X to help the Crew save Armando. In CC:AHATF, He helps the Crew by giving supplies and making the proxies for the Crew.


He can be seen as a hallucination; He can appear on your desk, and if you open it, you have a chance to either gain 25% power, have all animatronics start at their positions, have two animatronics at your doorway, or get X's special jumpscare, which is a bloody eye flying at you.


X is generally very serious, with a light hearted tone sometimes. He loves helping people who deserve it.

Special Relations

Lindsay: The two are both friends, as he thinks Lindsay could be a very powerful force for good if helped.

Meredith: He loves amazing her by guessing things about her.


-His speech of all caps is slightly inspired by the EverymanHYRBID character HABIT. His general nature is also similar to HABIT's. In fact, he was supposed to have a human proxy, similar to Evan from EverymanHYBRID, but this was scrapped.

-He is featured in two teasers; he has a small control panel, revealed in these teasers.

-He can be downloaded into any device; he only does this to friend's devices, though.

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