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There's an old tape in the back room of Cafe Trenzalore. This tape belongs to Jon Pertwee, the old guy who died back in 90's. This tape was recorded back in 1964.


"Hello? Is anyone there? Okay... Uhhhhh... What ever you do, Do not let those tubbybots out from the secret room what we built a week ago, okay? I don't want any trouble... An-


19th August, 1964... Nothing has been happening... Animatronics are not acting up... Nothing seems to be wrong, I don't get it...


25th December... I was left here to get rid of the animatronics... Who likes Freddy Fazbear and Toy Chica anyways? Hmmmm... What's that? Ohhhhh... A emerald hat... AN-

In the further inspection, there's no...remaining records of the old geezer or the tapes. Only thing we know is that he died in 1996.

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