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Ted is a light brown who is a plushie and is now a somewhat neutral character.

Teddy (new)
Some attributes
First First appearance: Night 1
Second Behavior: Active
Third Species: Plush Bear
Other attributes
Fourth Color: Light brown


He is a bear plushie that has a life of it's own. Shown in Six Nights at Freddy's, but sometimes when flashed by light he can be seen pretending to not move. In fact Ted is very fast due to his size.


  • Ted gets active after 2 animatronics move.
  • In the 2015, Ted was the first to be designed.
  • Teddy first appear on Five Nights at Freddy's: New.
  • Unlike the others, Ted's endoskeleton isn't seen, since he is a plushie.
  • He is a reference of the Fredbear plushie and Plushtrap.
  • He is one of the fastest antagonists.

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