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this is after the grand reopening, in the FUUUUTUUUURE!

  • Benny has no endoskeleton, just a human-ish skeleton
  • Ted is staring at me
  • Problem with pizza, has some sort of skin on it
  • I T S M E
  • Office doors won't close, jammed by pizza toppings
  • Ted displaying glowing red eyes, wherabouts of his normal eyes unknown
  • New animatronic shipment came in, man seemed terrified of them
  • Trapper scaring kids with fruit punch on his hook
  • Y O U C A N T
  • Creature of many hands rambling about "Love of Imagining" or something
  • Salad has pizza toppings in it
  • Hendrick displaying endoskeleton eyes
  • Fruit punch leaking from Hendrick's eyes
  • Unspeakable horrors in the party room, please clean up
  • Animatronic with a shark head in P/S
  • Make the pain stop
  • Nightguard went insane, please fire him
  • Shark head thing has a mummified corpse inside
  • S A V E T H E M
  • Benny and Ted looking withered
  • ted slumped over in my office
  • I am writing this from beyond the grave. KILL THE ROBOTS

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