Testy Testerson is an animatronic endoskeleton that was orginally designed by Freddy Fazbear's for expierments. He appears having a rectangular head, complete with an antenna and endoskeleton eyes, a slender, stick figure, two different feet, and a small curved mouth.


Testy was created in March 1984 to conduct expiermental procedures at Freddy's. Exactly 4 expierments were done , with him as the subject, before him being retired for a new model that was easier to use. The procedures are listed below:

Expierment #1: The Guard-Bot

Testy's first....well, test, is to try and perform as a night guard, so members of Freddy's wouldn't get stuffed and the animatronics wouldn't wander. The procedure worked very well for the first 3 nights, where animatronics couldn't even move due to Testy's guarding ability. Unfortunately, on Night 4, when an animatronic got to his office, he was caught and was tried to be stuffed into a Freddy suit.

After a $500 dollar fix, Testy never worked as the night guard again, and the expieremnt was considered a failure, as Freddy's lost money.

Expierment #2: The Attraction

A second jon was give to Testy; to see if he would work as the main star, along with 6 others, of an animatronic restaurant, Testy Testerson's Palace Of Eats. The restaurant did well in business and almost no one got hurt...during the day, at least. As soon as 6PM struck, the hour of which the animatronics considered "Night", a flaw in their programming caused them to murder anyone they saw, thinkin they were robbers.

The restaurant is still open, with the other suits, Mannequin, Ninja Nobi, Zwëihandler, and Watchman fixed. The expierment was considered a success, but business is low due to Testy not being there so Fazbear Entertainment can do more things with him.

Expierment #3: The Monitor

Due to Testy's ability to kill, show by the previous event, Freddy's wondered if they could use Testy to monitor animatronic behavior and point any flaws out to engineers. The idea was a complete failure; Testy never figured anything out, and actually encouraged the Mangle at Freddy's to try and cause another bite. Business was low during this period, so Testy was put away in the saferoom for now.

Expierment #4: Cover-up

This was a dark expierment for Fazbear Entertainment, but a necessary one. Testy was given the job to capture anyone who talked against Freddy's, and to neutralize them or brainwash them into becoming employees. Testy and Voy teamed up, and kidnapped lots of nay-sayers of Freddy's, but didn'kill them; rather, they put them into a society hidden away in Testy's restaurant.

The people were silenced, so Freddy's considered it a success, though publicity surrounded the company when people started thinking Fazbear Entertainment did it. They were shortly silenced, but that didn't help the situation. Freddy's hasnt lost business, though, because of it.

After Testy was scrapped, he started getting news of the Cutting Crew, especially about the Titans, Shredcut and Smash to name a few. He enjoyed the thought of fighting bad guys, so he got a Titan of his own, T3-2TY. Thus, he began his free-lancing heroism.


Testy is a very intelligent, yet goofy and lacking in common sense, with the whole 'You only live once' attidute. He is nice always, even when fighting what he thinks are 'evil people'.

Special Relations

Voyenanna Mashina-The two are good friends, due to both hiding humans in the basement of Testy's. A love interest might be seen between the two, but according to Voy, the Flicker doesn't want it to happen.

Ninja Nobi-He enjoys him enough, but Nobi finds him annoying. With his happy attidute and little sympathy towards him losing his friend from scrapping, he finds him to be a little bit of a jerk, but he knows he's not doing it intentionally.

Watchman-They have a bit of a rivalry, but a friendly one at that. Whenever competitions and performances occur at Testy's, they always try and outclass each other.


Testy acts a mix between Freddy and Balloon Boy; While inactive for the first 3 nights of the week, Testy will start moving on Night 4, slowing down if watched enough; for one hour, he moves extremely fast, getting to the office in a matter of seconds. If you don't shut the door on him, he will pull the power plug, causing you to just watch as Testy is about to kill you. Once the lights dim, Testy will jumpscare you by screeching in your face.


-He has not made any appearances yet, however, Five Nights At Testy's is being planned for his debut appearance. He and T3-2TY will also appear in a future game for all the Titans.


-Phantom Testy is planned to appear in Five Nights At Testy's 2, appearing in a certain camera.

-Testy can occasionally be seen headless in a camera, with hallucinations of the words, "This is just for testing".


-His appearance is similiar to Birthday Boy Blam, from One Night At Flumpty's, but this is pure coincedence. The creator has never played the game.

-Testy's head is hollow; he stores important items inside to ward off intruders. Apparently, he has a wad of cash, a gun, a passport, and a glass of vodka inside his head for vacation purposes.

-From the fact above, it's possible Testy is drunk all the time, referencing his unaturally happy attitude all the time.


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