The Abombonation is an animatronic who was salvaged back in 1983, in Fredbear's Family Diner. He was rebuilt from the scripts and details but he never got finished. Ever since he has 5 heads and full endoskeleton arm with endoskeleton leg. He is modified version of Toy Bonnie which was confirmed that he will be in every Five Nights at Hyper's game.

Five Nights at Hyper's 1

He was in the Stage 12 and Fredbear's Visit minigame. In minigame Stage 12, you are playing as Jeremy Fitzgerald and the player must navigate his way to show stage from 12 rooms long pizzaria which represents Toy Hyper's Pizzaria. In minigame Fredbear's Visit, you are playing as Purple Guy, carrying FNaF 4 child/his dead son to a storage area and Fredbear with Springbonnie opens the Abombonation suit and stuffs the dead child into the suit and after that Purple Guy starts crying and the minigame ends.

Five Nights at Hyper's 2

He was in the cutscenes between Night 5 and Night 6, Night 7 and Night ?. He also was in three minigames what are: Last of Those Childs, His Depression and Suicide Shot.

In minigame Last of Those Childs, you are playing as a nightguard called Scott Swathon and the player can't control his self but the guard walks to the Parts and Service room and sees blood coming from The ABM(short as Abombonation) and ABM says "I am last of those...", a crying sound can be heared and the minigame ends.

In minigame His Depression, ABM starts moaning and crying over that he is in the suit, Lockjaw appears for few lines and says "Don't worry...", "He will be with you" and "I will help you... grandson" and then the minigame ends.

In minigame Suicide Shot, Purple Guy is in his bed room and he is speaking with his wife. Soon, they both sees ABM in their house and he says "Hello... parents.". Right after that Purple Guy and his wife commits suicide and Bad Ending is there.

Five Nights at Hyper's 3: The Final Challenge

He returns as a replacement animatronic springlock prototype. When he reaches the office, he turns off the fan and the cameras. He also recharges your power in that time and closes the doors. There is 25% that he will kill you. He also starts laughing a cry and moans from Night 2. He becomes active at Night 4. There is a theory that he is your friend, perhaps your brother thats because he helps you to close the doors and charges the power to 100%.


The ABM(Abombonation from Five Nights at Hyper's 3

Five Nights at Hyper's 4: The Beginning

He doesn't exist in that game but his suit can be seen. Other details are still unknown....

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