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The Annihilation is a group of animatronics at Freddy's.


(You can add malevolent animatronics here, just not leader, or second in command)


The founder of the group is Brian the Bat. It is ironic that he was a pacifist animatronic before.


The leader of the group is Harry. He already has a page, so I needn't say much about him.

Second in Command

The second in command is Max Like everybody else, he already has a page.


The trapper of the team is Icy. She already has a page, like the others.


The baited of the team is Cameron the Chameleon. He tricks animatronics into coming with him, though he sometimes fails due to his weakness of being unable to generate hair.


The Guard of the group is Toy Ivan. He has a page.

Regular Members

GH, Howl, Sammy, Withered Jack 2.0 (Golden Toy Foxy 2.0), and The Siblings are regular members. They have pages (duh!)

Former members

Strawberry is a former member because he was disgusted with the TAN's killing spree of some animatronics (this was in dA okay?!)


(Benevolent and pacifist beings go here)

  1. Holly the Fox
  2. Cuco
  3. Bonnette
  4. Sae Tan
  5. Sapella
  6. Toy Sapella
  7. Toy Holly
  8. Aussie Australia
  9. Diamond Foxy
  10. Golden Toy Foxy
  11. Harmony the Lioness (if found)
  12. Violet

Relationships with other groups/animatronics


Toy Harmony: TAN and TH work together sometimes.


Cutting Crew: They are rivals because the Annihilation targets a good friend of theirs, Holly the Fox.


  • They hate pacifist beings.
    • This is because "they get in the way of our goal, which is to cause war in the pizzeria" in the words of Harry.
  • They usually capture child animatronics. The reason to this is unknown.
  • Their worst enemy is Holly. (I admit, I'm was WT* when I made this part)
    • Harry stated that "when the TAN gets their hands on Holly, they'll force her to be a member of the TAN, if not, we'll keep her captive and say that she's dead."
  • They make wanted posters of pacifist animatronics (What the Frick?!?!)
  • Some of the members represent one of the Seven Deadly Sins in one way or another.
    • Icy = Lust, Howl = Sloth, Max = Envy, GH and Toy Ivan = Wrath, Sammy = Greed, Harry = Pride, and Strawberry = Gluttony.