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"You have reached Parts and Services."
The following page is currently under construction. That means some things featured may not be final and will be edited in future. This could also mean you can request ideas in the comments or edit the page if allowed. However, it's best to ask to edit the page, or check if the page has a "public" template.

The archive was created by an unknown person, who wanted to tell the truth of the pizzeria. it consists of 7 minigames, all in the free roaming, dialouge-boxed style of fnaf 4. each character has two minigames.


In this game you play as a child with a puppet in hand, presumably unpossessed spitz. The childs brother walked up to him and said that you are a little baby who plays with toys. he goes to take Spitz, so you must escape. if you pass the music box with your brother in a different room, you put Spitz in.


You play in a splitscreen style, with both characters moving syncronized in two areas. You walk around and talk to people, who tell you where to go. eventually you meet the other one and lime guy kills you both. the place turns grey and you must float through the walls to get to spitz.

more to be added

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