"We are the ones you fear. We are the things you dream about only to tell your parents of a nightmare you had involving us. We are The ASCENSION. We shall ascend from darkness. We will destroy."

The Ascension is a group of creepy animatronics that simply exist to creep things and people out. They strongly dislike humans and quite a few animatronics. They are a very feared and powerful group that can do a lot.



The Leader of The Ascension is a character named "Hatchet". Most of the members have one worded names. Hatchet is the one that does most of the talking and is believed to be the creepiest out of all of them, being 6'7" and twitching constantly. It also likes to creep around on all fours. It is an unknown being, but seems to look most like a coyote. He has a page.

Member 1

The first member is Danny Phanto himself. I don't need to put any info on him because he has a page, check him out.

Member 2

The second member is named Bloodline. He doesn't say much and basically just stands there. He's got red eyes and is a pure black wolf. He also is very ruthless and aggressive, who basically doesn't care about creeping people out as much as he does in harming them.

Member 3

The 3rd member is called Savage. As the name suggests, he is very savage and aggressive. He is incredibly eerie to watch and makes very weird and sporadic movements(similar to Hatchet). He is very loyal towards The Ascension. He talks every now and again, but not too often. He is a dark blue pig animatronic.


"We're here..."

"We will rise... we are THE ASCENSION"

"We will not bring you pain... we will bring you faith." Said before attacking their victims.


  1. The Ascension's name comes from a tag team in WWE of the same name.
  2. Savage was what Rage the Hedgehog wanted Springtrap's name to be.
  3. Hatchet is what Rage the Hedgehog wanted Springtrap to be.
  4. The Ascension believes not that they are attacking people, but sending them on a peaceful journey to the afterlife, which is basically the same thing.
  5. The Ascension's victims typically include over-confident groups/people, people who believe they are taking The Ascension's place, for their own beliefs, and sometimes just for no reason.
  6. The Ascension is sometimes shortened to Ascension or TA.
  7. When Hatchet feels he needs to disband someone from TA, or when one wants to leave TA, he orders the rest of TA to pin them down while Hatchet would pretty much scrap them down, typically leaving only their torso and head. This is one of their favorite uses.

More info coming soon!

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