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One thing you learn as a's how sharp things can be.-Facing an enemy.

The Chef is an animatronic humanoid, who is the leader of the Cutting Crew, a kingdom\attraction of animatronics and humans. He appears wearing a chef's hat, with an apron over red-striped clothing. His very first appearance was in Five Nights At The Inventory.


Chef was originally not an animatronic, but rather a fictional mascot for a restaurant, Crazy Chef's Cutting Palace. It was a very successful restaurant, almost as popular as Freddy Fazbear's was. In January 1987, the restaurant had a crossover promotion with Freddy's, where the animatronics went to the restaurant for one day. A Crazy Chef animatronic suit was made, but scrapped due to the companies being lown on funds, although the suit plays a major role later.

A man named Edward Skye went to the restaurant, to serve as a night guard for one night. He needed money, considering he had lost his job and unwittingly took Purple Guy's, who he met at a bar, advice of taking the night guard shift. He nearly survived, but was caught by Golden Freddy and stuffed into the Chef suit.

He wasn't accepting of the animatronic role at first, but a few days later, he met a nice little girl he loved talking to; Lindsay. He became Crazy Chef's main attraction, and even outclassed Freddy's in visitors. C3 Entertainment got an idea: A whole group of animatronics to go along with Chef. An insane engineer, Mitchell Cutter, was hired. 4 humans: Lacey Carlisile, Tony Cadenza, Samuel Allen, and KJ Lyman were stuffed into Meredith, Fozie, Sodapop, and Mad Jack, respectively.

Freddy's noticed the spike in vistors at Chef's, and saw the animatronic Golden Freddy stuffed. They wanted the animatronic back, so they bought the rights to the name and took the animatronic away. Of course, the rest of the CC was still there, left alone. After a month of deactivation, they reactivated by Mitch, who then fled from society. They moved to Freddy's, where they were once again popular.

Lindsay's house burned down 3 months later, and she decided to find shelter in Freddy's for the night. She, out of serendipity, found Chef and decided to live with him inside the restaurant. As the years went by, the CC got new members, eventually forming a respectable kingdom after one near-destruction event involving a meteor from the Robot Kingdom. However, by Manifestation member Manifex, he was torn apart and was deactivated for good.


Chef is a very generous, peaceful animatronic to all allies, only bursting in anger at short times. Pessimistic and sarcastic, he is also very wise and fierce at times, ready to fight for his friends and family.

Special Relations

Balloon Boy-Sort of an unspoken rivalry is between the two; apparently it was about selling items, but nothing more is spokeen.

Blacky-Majestic Services and the Cutting Crew work together a lot, so they know and respect each other.

Toy Chica-Before he became the king of the CC, he carried a little flame for her. The two never really dated, however.

Meredith-The two still like each other, even after a failed relationship, but the two seem distant from each other.


Chef becomes truly active on Night 4, after 3 other nights of occassionally appearing in a blind spot to watch your actions and learning how to throw you off. He moves very fluid-like, and often can be seen darting to the left before the camera shutting off. He can be warded off like any other animatronic, but not by the Freddy Head. Doors, and if available, a Tazer, can ward him off. If he gets you, though, his jumpscare is lunging and slicing your head off.


-Wraith Chef, a phantom version of Chef, appears on Night 3 in Five Nights At The Inventory 2, appearing once you've worn the Freddy Head for too long.

-Chef's mini-me proxy, Sous Chef, first appears in Cutting Crew: A Hard Act To Follow, created by System X.

-Chef's simulation in Cutting Crew: Deuce Ex Machina is a Super Mario Bros.-esque game, where you play as him saving princesses from Top Chef.

-Sometimes, Chef can stare into a camera and bare endoskeleton eyes, and\or both. These are usually signs he will be more active.


-Appears as an antagonist in Five Nights At The Inventory and as a phantom in Five Nights At The Inventory 2.

-A protagonist in Five Nights At Freddy's: Reactivation, Cutting Crew: A Hard Act To Follow, and Cutting Crew: Deuce Ex Machina.

-In Zombie mode and the Crazy Chef campaign in Call Of Bonnie:Animatronic Ops and Left For Five Nights.

-Stars in the CC games.


-Chef is one of six animatronics who doesn't stuff you into a Freddy Fazbear suit. Instead, he and the rest of the original Cutting Crew slice you up and use you as meat in a pizza.

-Chef has Japanese text written on his signature cleaver, '創造の喜び'. This translates to "Joy of Creation".

-The design for Chef is heavily inspired from Swedish Chef from The Muppets.

-The Game Over screen when killed by Chef and or the rest of the CC is Chef holding a pizza with an obscure meat in it, implied to be you.


Heh. I don't know why I hit you so much, Linds. It's just so much fun.

I'm a fricking King, that's why.-Asked about his policies.

Katherine is an animatronic, just like us. She will be granted amnesty, as such, she is to be treated like one of our own.-CC:DEM, sparing Katherine Steel.


"You have reached Parts and Services."
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