The Chess Room is a location created by Aldrasos.


The Chess Room is a mysterious supernatural plane of existence, the location of which is only known by two people. The room is a hemisphere with pitch black walls and no windows, but the room is still illuminated by an unseen light source. The floor has a diameter of roughly twenty metres, and is made up of black and red checkers twenty centimeters wide each. In the centre of the room is a round table for two people, blood red and black colour splitting it down the centre, and on each side an elaborately decorated throne-like chair of the same corresponding colour. On the table is a chess set, the white checkers replaced with the same red colour. The pieces were of different colours, like models, and rather than being standard, traditional style, replicate a person or animatronic. There is no door to the room, and instead visitors simply appear in a emerge from a cloud of thick coloured smoke or wreaths of shadow.


It is unclear how old The Chess Room is, or who resided in it before its current occupants arrived. The two who are trapped there currently are Moriah and Marion, spirits who have a role to play beyond their lifespans. The two play life-or-death games of chess, with the pieces being people and animatronics in the various 'Timelines' they manipulate. These games have been going on for aeons, with the same times, locations and characters over and over again - at least, most of the time.

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