The Chimera
*grinding noises*
State Heavily damaged
Type Mixture of broken animatronics and machinery
Behavior Aggressive
Place Thomas' Amusement Park
The Chimera is an animatronic created by Shadowboy192.


The Chimera implied by the name is a mish mash of the broken animatronics and unused mechanical pieces of machinery for atractions in Thomas' Amusement Park. It hides in a place underground the park being only active in the night. In night it wanders around the park or just stays underground. If it sees a person for too long it will think it is some type of endoskeleton and try to put the person in itself leaving them to be crushed by the metalic parts of it's body. Some guards that had a brief sight of the animatronic gave the thing it's name. Some that tried to contact the owner of the theme park to take care of the thing, were just ignored, and the ones that insisted were fired.


Like it's said above it's a mish mash of the broken animatronics and unused machinery of the park. It's size is quite big and it has diferent heads in it's body from different animatronics, it also has four metalic legs and two metalic arms and hands, it's main body is a junction of the machinery and the broken animatronics' bodies, it also can be seen with human parts in it, most likely the people that were crushed inside it's body.


Not much is known about it's personality, but it seems to like dark areas and hates bright lights. It seems to always search for more parts in the underground and sometimes in the surface when there aren't too much lights on.


Doesn't really have any relationship with anyone. It's feared by anyone and everyone who sees it.



  • It's unknown what animatronic it was before becoming a mish mash of them.
  • It was inspired by a concept art from the game "Epic Mickey".

    The concept art. It depicts a chimera-like robot with disney's characters, which probably became the animatronic characters from Epic Mickey.

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