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The Cracktastic Crossover (a multi-wiki Peppa Pig fanon movie)

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Peppa Pig: Where are we?

Littlebat10: (with nose plugged) Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!

Peppa: Stop with the sound effects! You mean pipip iojfuifghjtnggjfgugj WHAT!? FFP?!

Littlebat10: (normal voice) This! Is! The FNAF FANON WIK! (kicks over Balloon Boy)

Balloon Boy: (busts out of back room) You ain't leaving on my watch!

Epic Mortal Kombat battle

Scrappy: Hello Mac

Mac+Cool: Hello Scrappy

LittleBat10: Where is Freddy Fazbear?

Mac+Cool: I dunno

Freddy Fazbear: I'm right here

Scrappy: LittleBat10, i'm Mac+Cool's OC

LittleBat10: Oh

Chica: Hello i'm Chica

Bonnie: Hello i'm Bonnie

Foxy: Hello i'm Foxy

The Puppet: Hello i'm The Puppet

Golden Freddy: Hello i'm Golden Freddy

Mac+Cool: Wanna go to one of my Wiki's 

Peppa: Sure

LittleBat10: Lets go to another Wiki (use the machine to get into another wiki)

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